Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay on the day at the door for workshops?

No. You can only register and pay for workshops online when registrations open on the 1st of July. Registrations for workshops will close last Friday in September.

Can I just attend some of the classes on any of the days?

The workshops across the weekend have been designed so that both the instructors and the dancers can build on previous content as the weekend progresses. Initial registrations will only be for full workshop passes. Should there be space for single day passes they will be made available at a later date.

If for reasons beyond your control you cannot make it to a class on time, have to leave a class early or miss a class entirely, please speak to one of the organisers in advance or as soon as you are able.

Classes will start on time and finish on time. If you arrive late please join the class quietly and with minimal fuss so as not to disrupt the instructors and your fellow dancers.

Can I pay on the night at the door for socials?


You can purchase passes for Saturday and Sunday evenings socials online up until last Friday in September and pay using PayPal.

You will also be able to pay cash at the door for each evening social.

When do registrations open?

Registrations will open 1st of July

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Cancellations and Refunds are not available – however, if your circumstances change and you are not able to attend please contact us and we MAY be able to transfer your pass if you have organised someone to purchase it. While we cannot give any guarantees, we understand life throws curveballs all the time, and we will do our very best to resolve any issues we can. If you have purchased a pass and are not able to attend please Contact us.

Who can register for Saturday and Sundays Workshops?

Everyone who can comfortably execute all the moves listed and demonstrated in the video on the workshops page. Not sure about some of the moves? Ask your teacher to help you get up to speed.

Is there a minimum or maximum level of experience for any of the workshops?

There wont be any beginner classes at this weekend so YES there is a minimum level of experience required. Please check that you can comfortably execute all the moves listed and demonstrated in the video on the workshops page before registering.

There is no maximum level as we will tailor the groups and content to suit the experience of the dancers who attend the weekend.

Can I just attend Saturday or Sunday?

See General FAQ above – Can I just attend some of the classes on any of the days?

What are the floors at the venues like?

The classes and the Saturday night dance are on a sprung timber floor, which normally has medium grip. We will try to lower the friction since this is a Bal event, but as this is a multi purpose venue we must keep safety in mind. Therefore we suggest that you bring a couple of shoe options to adapt to the floor rather than putting anything on the floor to make the floor suit your needs.
The Sunday night venue is also a regular dance location. It has a smooth painted concrete floor surrounded by kitchens and a bar. You get what you pay for, but it’s actually not too bad for a concrete floor. Please do not put any substance on any of the floors at any of the venues!

Can I BYO drinks to the socials?

NO. Both are licensed venues that sell alcohol over the bar.

Can I bring food to the socials or can I buy food there?

The Danish Club (Saturday night) does not sell food so feel free to BYO food or eat before/after. However, we will be providing some yummy snacks and homemade goodies.
Wandering Cooks (Sunday evening) has several kitchens to choose from, so you should be able to buy something tasty there.

I want to volunteer, what do I do?

Complete the Volunteer form. We’ll be in touch soon!

Safer Spaces
I have concerns about an individual who may attend your event – based on mine or others experiences with them at other events – what should I do?

Please Contact us and we will liaise with you directly to discuss the issue. Please note all communications will be treated as strictly confidential.

I’m at Brisbane Balboa Weekend and I have an issue – what do I do?

First and foremost, if you don’t feel safe, find someone you feel safe with. Then have that person help you find the Safer Spaces Coordinator, an event organiser, or a volunteer you feel comfortable reporting your issue to. All reports will be taken seriously.

Please see our Code of Conduct for more details – BUT please note – Brisbane Balboa Weekend will not tolerate any kind of abuse, bullying or harassment of any kind towards anyone who organises, works at, helps out at, or attends any Brisbane Balboa Weekend Event.

Photography & Videos
Will there be photos and videos taken at the event?

Yes there will be both photos and videos being taken during the event. We will be taking ‘happy snaps’ at the workshops. We will have roaming photographers as well as a photo booth and we may be videoing performances and social dancing at all the socials throughout the event.

Where will the photos and videos be published?

Our favourite photos and videos will be uploaded to the Brisbane Balboa Weekend Facebook page. We would also love people to share any photos they take with the hashtag #BrisBal2019

Can I take my own photos and videos at the event?

Of course, but please note a couple of things:
Workshops – please only take photos or videos when given permission by the instructors.
Socials – please only take photos of yourself, your friends and anyone else who actively, deliberately involves themselves in your photo. Be mindful that not everyone may wish to be photographed or have their photo circulated publicly – please see the next FAQ question for more details on this.

I don't want to be in any of the photos or videos that are published what should I do?

Firstly we want you to know we will respect your wish. To help us do that, on the door of all the workshops and events, we will have a folder to make a list of people who do not wish to appear in any photos or videos which are published. We will also have stickers we will ask you wear. The stickers will help our photographers easily spot anyone who does not wish to be in the photos or videos when they are reviewing photos and footage and ensure they are not identifiable.

Other Questions
I have a question that isn't covered here, what should I do?

Please contact us via the Contact Form or email us at