John Wharington

John has been teaching Balboa regularly since 2007 with a focus on creative teaching techniques, distilling the dance to its essence, and bringing an infectious enthusiasm to his classes.  He’s taught numerous interstate workshops, travelled to the USA annually for Balboa, has attended The Balboa Experiment twice, and is a keen competition dancer. John has an analytical approach to the dance, loves to explore the frontiers, and is highly motivated by seeing his students’ progress.

Together John and Julia have won three Australian Balboa Championships, a few other competitions around Australia, and also won or placed in Balboa competitions in the USA. They are experts in their field, who focus on creative teaching techniques and bringing an infectious enthusiasm to their classes. They like to take students on a journey: you can expect to receive solid foundations and true challenges, all bundled in a fun package. It gives them immense pleasure to see their students progress, especially seeing those little light bulb moments in class, when it all sinks in and suddenly works.



Julia Wharington

Julia found her passion for all things swing in 2008 and has been teaching Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues since early 2012. She saw a couple dance Balboa at her very first social dance night and has been fascinated by this intricate and elegant dance ever since. When she met John, she had found the perfect partner to take her Balboa dancing to the next level. 

For the last decade, Julia and John have facilitated numerous Balboa classes, held many speciality workshops around Australia, led Balboa troupes, and taught lots of beginner bootcamps. For the last three years they’ve had a regular gig teaching Slow Balboa at Slowdown, and for the first time in 2017 taught at All Balboa Weekend in Cleveland Ohio.

Julia and John both love social dancing more than anything, and frequently travel overseas to further develop their own dancing. Together they run Australia’s only Balboa and Shag festival, ‘All the Cats Join In’ every March in Melbourne.